Ultimate Guard Arkhive™ 400+ Standard Size XenoSkin™ Monocolor Blue

12 500 Ft

The perfect combination of lots of space, safe carrying and easy access!

The Arkhive™™ 400+ is the ultimate box for storing and carrying large numbers of cards and/or multiple cases in many different ways! It’s modular design is perfectly dimensioned to hold an almost endless variety of Ultimate Guard products.

– Designed for 430 double-sleeved or 550 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*
– Ideal for storing a variety of Ultimate Guard products
– Convenient for carrying multiple decks
– Easy access
– Great for cubing
– Resistant XenoSkin™ material
– Microfiber inner lining
– Strong magnetic closure

Some examples of what this amazing box can hold:

– 5x Boulder™ 80+, or 4x Boulder™ 100+
– 5x Deck Case 80+, or 3x Deck Case 100+ plus extra storage space
– 430+ double-sleeved cards or 500+ single-sleeved cards, or 850+ unsleeved cards*
– 175+ Top-Loaders ”
– 3x Flip Deck Case™ 80+, incl. 1x Boulder™ 80+, or 1x Deck Case 80+

Dimensions approx.: 310 x 110 x 95 mm
Interior dimensions approx.: 303 x 76.5 x 102 mm

* Designed for Ultimate Guard Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility.

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